How do we apply for a donation?
The short answer is usually “Don’t call us, we’ll call you”. More often than not, the Fund approaches specific organisations in order to assist in projects which would have been close to the hearts of the late Wolf and Dora Rajcher. However, there may be projects about which the Fund is unaware and in which it may be interested. If you wish to investigate the possibility of submitting an application, please use the CONTACT US page of this website.

What can we apply for?
The Fund does NOT provide donations towards day-to-day recurrent expenditure or salaries. The Fund ONLY provides donations towards capital projects or towards the purchase of capital items such as equipment, furniture, etc..

When applying for a donation, what does the fund need to know initially?
Before asking for more information, the Fund Director needs to know (in order of importance):

      • If the Fund gives you the money requested, what difference will it make?
      • What will the donation be used for?
      • How much are you asking for?
      • Is your organisation a duly registered not-for-profit or charitable organisation?

What happens then?
If the Fund is interested in this initial approach, a formal donation proposal will be requested. This proposal MUST include the following:

      • The name, legal status and registration information of your organisation
      • A copy of your organisation’s constitution and a list of the governing board/committee members
      • Advice as to whether donations to your organisation are tax-deductible in Australia (not essential)
      • Precise details of the project to be carried out or the equipment to be purchased
      • A detailed budget for the project or equipment
      • A proposed schedule of when the donation, or parts thereof, will be required (Receipts will be required immediately upon your organisation receiving monies from the Fund.)
      • A start date and completion date of the project or the purchase
      • The name and contact details of the person responsible for the project or purchase
      • Details of how the names of the late Wolf and Dora Rajcher will be acknowledged upon completion.

Once the project has been completed or the equipment has been purchased, what will the Fund require?
Within thirty days of the project completion or the equipment purchase, the Fund will require an accountability report which MUST include the following:

      • Copies of invoices relating to the project or equipment purchase
      • A statement from an independent auditor stating that the donation, which was provided by the Fund, has been used for the purpose for which it was applied
      • Photographs of the completed project and/or of the equipment purchase
      • Photographs of how the names of the late Wolf and Dora Rajcher have been acknowledged