The late Wolf Rajcher and the late Dora Rajcher (nee Moszkowicz) were both Holocaust survivors from Częstochowa in Poland.

For two and half years, they were prisoners in the “Big Ghetto” and “Small Ghetto” in Częstochowa and then, until the end of the World War II, they were slave labourers in the HASAG-Pelcery ammunitions factory located in that same city.

With almost their entire nuclear families having perished in the Holocaust, they left Poland and arrived in Melbourne, Australia, in May 1947 and, there, they began a new life for themselves.

They worked hard and made sacrifices. Over time, they became successful, but never forgot their roots and their obligation to give back to a society which had given them a second chance at life.

Wolf Rajcher passed away in November 1996 and after Dora Rajcher passed away in April 2017, their son, Andrew Rajcher, established this charitable fund in their memory.