The Memorial Fund’s sole Director is Andrew Rajcher, son of the late Wolf Rajcher and the late Dora Rajcher. 

There is no specific timetable as to when donations are made nor are there any fixed amounts or limits to individual donations.

Donation submissions are either approved or rejected purely at the sole discretion of the Fund’s Director.

However, within the country in which they operate, donation recipients MUST be either:

      • officially registered not-for-profit organisations,  OR
      • government-approved AND officially-registered charitable organisations.

Tax deductibility in Australia is looked upon favourably, but is not essential.

Donations are never approved for individuals.

Since its inception, the Fund has made substantial donations to organisations in Australia, Poland and Israel.

The Fund has supported projects in the areas of:

      • emergency health services
      • child welfare
      • community library services
      • bushfire relief
      • medical research
      • the preservation of Polish-Jewish culture and heritage
      • the promotion of Polish-Jewish relations.

While these are the areas of endeavour which the Fund has supported to date, it is not intended that future donations will be limited just to these categories.

For more information, please refer to our FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS page.