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Who We Are

We are a Melbourne-based consultancy working ONLY with not-for-profit and charitable organisations in the areas of governance, management, accountability, fundraising and database management.
Andrew Rajcher Director of Axiom Compusat Services is Andrew Rajcher.
Andrew has been involved with not-for-profit and charitable organisations for over 30 years as both a senior management professional, as a consultant and as a volunteer.
For almost 14 years of that period, he was Director of Finance and Administration of a large "cradle-to-grave" social services organisation in Melbourne, Australia.
Along the way, he has also held numerous honorary positions within a variety of organisations from professional bodies (three-term State President of the Australian Institute of Credit Management) to the recreational (Board Member of a semi-professional football club).
Andrew Rajcher is a member of both the Fundraising Institute of Australia and the Australian Institute of Management. He is also a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Credit Management.
He is currently a Board Member of two ethnic community organisations, one local and the other international, and has worked with others in an advisory capacity.




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