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What We Do

Governance, Management & Accountability

For an organisation to be effective in achieving its goals and, thereby, fulfilling its mission, many factors come into play and interact with each other.
Accountability and transparency are the cornerstones of effective governance and management within not-for-profit and charitable sector organisations.
In working with an organisation, among the areas we look at are:
  • The organisation's mission statement
    - does it reflect the organisation's overall purpose?

  • The organisation's aims and objectives
    - are they realistic and reviewed regularly?

  • The organisations' lay leadership
    - do they understand their role and
    what skills and benefits do they bring to the table?

  • The organisation's professional staff
    - is there an appropriate accountability structure?

  • Personnel inter-activity
    - do the lay leadership and the staff undertand their roles with respect to each other?

Donor, Demographic & Mailing Databases

An organisation's database, be it made up of its donors, a mailing list or be it a complete community, is a "living" entity.
It can be the very lifeblood of an organisation's existence.
And, as with anything that is "living", such a database needs constant care and attention. Left unattended, even for a short period of time, such a database will quickly become outdated - inaccurate, ineffective and, even costly.
We develop a strategy which will assist the client to maintain its valuable data effectively - or we can manage it for you.
Database Development

How powerful its data can be to an organisation depends not only on the quantity and quality of the data itself, but also on how effectively it is stored and used.
No matter how good the data itself may be, it can be rendered almost useless unless the quality of the database structure that holds it and the software that manipulates it are appropriate to the client's needs.
After completing a full software audit, we develop a detailed database specification to enable the client to gain the most benefit from its stored data.




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