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How We Do It

Governance, Management and Accountability

All not-for profit and charitable organisations are accountable, certainly to their stakeholders and, when in receipt of funding, to government also. Stakeholders can include members, clients, staff and, importantly, donors. The level and quality of that accountability depends, in large measure, on the level and quality of that organisation's governance and management.
In order to improve accountablility and transparency, we perform governance and management audits in which we undertake complete, "top-down" studies of organisations' structures and then make appropriate recommendations as to how and where they can be improved.
We will then work with an organisation's board of management and senior professional staff in order to implement these improvements. As part of the service offered, we will then undertake a review of these improvement implementations at agreed intervals thereafter.
Donor, Demographic & Mailing Databases

On-going maintenance of a large donor, mailing or demographic database is time-consuming and, unless done systematically, regularly and meticulously, can soon render a database ineffective.
With the client's "mission" in mind, we first perform a full data audit. This audit takes into consideration the data's accuracy, the suitability of the information stored, the manner in which it is stored and the systems by which that data is currently being maintained.
As well as providing the client with a full, detailed audit report, we develop a strategy to assist the client to develop and then maintain a database which most benefits the client's objectives.
We can then assist the client to implement that strategy or do it for them.
Database Development

Even if a client's database is of sufficient quality and quantity for its purpose, the client may still not be achieving a maximum benefit from it if the "engine" that drives it is either inadequate or inappropriate.
We take the time to observe the functions within a client's office that utilise the database and then perform a full database software audit.
This audit considers the suitability to the "workload" of the software being used - the database structure, the manipulation of that data and the data retrieval mechanisms that are required.
We then provide the client with a full, detailed database software report and make recommendations aimed at maximising the benefits that should be derived from the client's data.
Whether the software is "off-the-shelf" or custom-written, we then work with the client's programmers or use own to implement our recommedations once the client has approved them.




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